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Quality is an Investment in the Future

WOW 2016 was a great year for the A4 Quality Committee!! The quality committee finalized the PONV algorithm and it has been rolled out to all the sites. The OB handoff has been finalized at Beaumont site and will be rolled out in 2017. We now have definitions for all of our anesthesia events, we Read More

Clinicians Corner Teamwork

  Dear Colleagues, here is the next issue of A4 News. We have many relevant articles in this issue. The theme is teamwork, which is reflected in the picture below.  As we grow, we will need to find innovative ways to come together even more. This newsletter is one such attempt at building  teamwork.  Harvard Read More

Postoperative Delirium (POD) and Cognitive Dysfunction (POCD)

Postoperative Delirium (POD) and Cognitive Dysfunction (POCD) SJMH Clinical Conference 7/12 Ryan Pirooz, M.D. Definitions:  POCD – a drop in cognitive performance on a set of neuropsychological tests taken before and after surgery, typically can span in range of weeks to years. POD – characterized by acute onset + fluctuating course + inattention + (either disorganized thinking – Read More

NYSORA Conference, October 8 2016

On October 8 2016, Anesthesia Associates of Ann Arbor sponsored a one day seminar in the latest regional anesthesia techniques, technologies and applications. The faculty of the New York School of Regional Anesthesia led by Dr. Amir Hadzic and Dr. Jeff Gadsden designed the course specifically for integration into A4’s busy regional anesthesia practice. Professors Read More