WOW 2016 was a great year for the A4 Quality Committee!!

The quality committee finalized the PONV algorithm and it has been rolled out to all the sites. The OB handoff has been finalized at Beaumont site and will be rolled out in 2017.
We now have definitions for all of our anesthesia events, we completed an in depth chart audit on all of our reintubations in the PACU, and that event will be our focus for 2017.
St. Mary’s Grand Rapids is now live in our event database and we are now collecting quality data for Grand Rapids.

The Regional QA form was updated to focus on indwelling catheters-primarily adductor and interscalene. We have 4 sites that are actively gathering this data. OR Dynamics (pump company) has been gracious enough to work with A4 on adding a few questions to their patient satisfaction surveys, and we are now gathering that data as well.
A4 purchased a new software program-TARGIT and that has been an excellent source of data collection and aggregation.

ASPIRE was another great opportunity for A4 in 2016, Beaumont Taylor and Dearborn, as well as all SJMHS sites are participating. St. Mary’s Livonia became a Cohort in 2016 and reached >90% compliance in pulmonary measure and several others based on clinical feedback and simple changes in areas where presets (ventilators) improves clinical and compliance.

ASPIRE is and will continue to be an excellent source of improved clinical care for A4.

A4 hosted the NYSORA Regional Anesthesia Conference in October 2016 and it was a HUGE success. ASA quality conference and APSF (Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation) conference were attended in 2016 and A4 is now a benefactor sponsor of APSF. ACLS classes were also hosted by A4 for recertification.

Dr. Cahill and Dr. Coffman presented at the Enhanced Recovery Symposium at SJMHS in 2016.

We are excited about all that we accomplished in 2016 and we are looking forward to another great year, here’s to 2017!!!!!!