A Better Patient Experience.

Complete & Comprehensive Services

Providing patients and stakeholders with the best anesthesia services available.

Anesthesia Specialists Enhancing Surgical Care

At A4, we offer a complete suite of services that allow you to partner with us in a comprehensive manner. It is our goal to become both a seamless part of your organization and a turnkey partner for all of your anesthesia care needs.


A4 provides a wide range of anesthesiology services including general, regional, central neuraxial and peripheral nerve blocks, as well as monitored anesthesia care.

Critical Care

We provide state-of-the-art critical care to patients before, during and after surgery, while also ensuring a safe transfer of care from the operating room to the intensive care unit.

Office Based Anesthesia

A4 is able to provide a turn-key service using our proprietary clinical guidelines including setup of the procedure area, scheduling, documentation, and billing.

Pain Management

A4 pain physicians specialize in the evaluation and management of pain conditions whether neurologic, musculoskeletal, or orthopedic in nature. We diagnose and treat a wide array of pain related conditions, while offering state-of-the-art technology, locations near you (Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Brighton, and Canton) the most advanced procedures and treatments, and the most highly trained professionals in the industry.

Perioperative Care

A4's perioperative program manages the full spectrum of surgical episodes, reduces costly complications and improves the efficiency of care.

Health System Partners

We serve a number of physician offices, hospitals, and ambulatory surgery centers throughout Michigan. Our services are integrated to fit the need of each location, offering a unique blend of cutting edge service and patient comfort for every patient we care for.