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Medical Billing

Providing patients and stakeholders with the best anesthesia services available.

Anesthesia Billing Services via MAC

MAC is a trusted partner for practices and health systems that offer anesthia billing services. MAC was founded by anesthesiologists as an opportunity to bill for their services without having to outsource.

All Aspects of the Process Covered

From point of service charge capture to ICD-10 and CPT coding to concurrency calculation and conflict resolution, MAC handles all aspects of the billing process start to finish. We work hard to ensure that our clients' charges are billed accurately and that we achieve maximum reimbursement. The process is seamless.

Primary Anesthesia Billing Company

Today, MAC continues to be a primary anesthesia biling company with expanded partners which include: Anesthesia Associates of Ann Arbor, Trinity-Health Ann Arbor, Brighton, Livingston, Chelsea, Oakland, Canton, and Livonia, Prime Health Care-Garden City Hospital, office-based locations (OBGYN and IVF clinics), and Forest Health.

Corporate Compliance

MAC adheres to a very rigorous Corporate Compliance Program, ensuring that each function of the anesthesia billing services and collection process complies with all federal and state regulations, as well as private payor policies and guidelines. MAC mandates that revisions in payor policy be constantly monitored, updated and loaded into the rules engine of the billing platform. Such updates are simultaneously relayed to applicable staff, including all members of our Compliance Department and Coding Department. MAC employee a Medicare certified internal auditor to maintain the highest level of compliance. Our software program, Phygenisys (PHI) supports the rigorous compliance standards that we have established.

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

As part of MAC's comprehensive anesthesia billing, MAC can also provide reports utilizing our business intelligence software to help optimize financial performance. Examples of reporting capabilties include: financial reporting (charges, payments, adjustments), production reports (case counts, charge amounts, case types), service type reports (can report on specific services and CPT codes), adhoc reports as needed (multiple data analysis reports).

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