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Are you looking for a well-rounded career with a winning team focused on quality medical care and a quality lifestyle? You can find all of this, and then some, with Anesthesiology Associates of Ann Arbor. As one of the largest specialty groups in the midwest, A4 provides career satisfaction and growth, excellence in all facets of anesthesiology, teamwork, and a physician-led culture.

Founded in 1968 and headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, A4 is the largest provider of anesthesia and pain management services in the State of Michigan. A4 attributes its ongoing growth and success to a keen focus on delivering top quality, cutting-edge health care to patients while providing a high degree of engagement and customer service to its health system partners. With over 120 physician anesthesiologists and 50 CRNA’s, A4 currently provides services to 11 hospitals, six ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and four chronic pain management clinics. provides physician anesthesia coverage for over 150,000 cases annually and performs over 11,000 pain management procedures per year.

A Very Satisfying Practice.

“I love the collegiality of our group, the high standard of care that we give our patients, and the clinical challenge of our varied practice. Our group has a great relationship with the surgeons that we work with. It is a very satisfying practice.”

-Dr. Jason Adams

Concentrate on What You Enjoy.

“The A4 team allows me to concentrate on what I enjoy and do the best: directly taking care of patients. A4 takes care of the necessary distractions in my medical practice including quality assessment and reporting, benefits, insurance, credentialing and financial issues. I can focus on optimizing the care and comfort of my patients!”

-Dr. Michael Dorsey

Comparable to Being Part of Family.

“I feel being a part of A4 is comparable to being a part of family. They understand everyone’s life situation is different and they make an effort to consider that. The camaraderie amongst the physicians at A4 with each other and the surgeons make it a great place to work. Also, the high standards in competency and continuing education engenders trust in our physicians to deliver excellent care.”

-Dr. Joelle Boeve

Current Opportunities


Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist


A4’s Credentials Department possesses more than 20 years’ experience and is continuously looking for ways to simplify the credential burdens placed on our providers. In addition to all the consideration’s clinicians face in the practice of medicine, starting the credentialing process can seem like an overwhelming administrative endeavor, fraught with delays and frustrations. Residents should begin their credentialing process 4-5 months prior to the conclusion of their post-graduate training.

The office of physician & CRNA recruitment is committed to assisting you every step of the way.

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