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Credentials Department

Our 4-Step Credentialing Process

Our department is here to help you get through the credentials process quickly and easily.  We will assist you in completing and processing the following applications for you.

  1. Initial State Licensure Application, if applicable
    1. Step-by-step instructions on how to submit you online license application
    2. Follow up with the State Medical Board until your license is issued
  2. Hospital Staff Application(s)
    1. Pre-population of your staff application
    2. Follow up with the Medical Staff Office until your credentials file is complete and presented for privileges
  3. Malpractice Coverage Application
    1. Pre-population of your malpractice application
    2. Claims history requests submitted to your prior or current malpractice carriers
  4. Provider Enrollment Applications
    1. Pre-populated application for enrollment into BCBS MI, Medicare and Medicaid;
    2. Updating or creation of your CAQH (Council for Affordable Quality Care) Application
      1. CAQH Login Information
      2. Re-attest CAQH on schedule (every 120-days)
      3. Update CAQH as needed
      4. NPPES/NPI Updates
        1. NPPES Login Information
        2. Update your taxonomy
        3. Update your practice locations

We’ll make sure that you complete your applications in full, leaving no unanswered areas.  Remember that incomplete applications, or applications missing the requested supporting documentation, will result in delays.


At A4, we provide a full-service credentialing solution.  Let us handle the complicated processes, and the repeated follow up calls with Medical Staff Offices and insurance companies / 3rd Party Payers.

Listed below are the answers to some of the most frequently ask questions about the credentialing process.  Or, simply call us at 734/263-2400 with your specific questions, and we’ll be happy to answer.

Q:  When should a Resident being the credentialing process?

  • Residents should begin their credentialing process 4-5 months prior to the conclusion of their post-graduate training.

Q:  Can I reach you if I have questions?

  • Yes! You’ll be appointed a Credentialing Specialist, who you can call directly (M-F 8am to 5pm EST), or email anytime. 

Q:  After A4 hires you, will I need to be actively involved in the process?

  • We’ll need access to your information to complete your applications. If you’re demographic information is recorded in a database like CAQH, we’ll have a good starting point.  If you’re missing some necessary information, we can help you to track it down.  Throughout the process, we’re going to do the heavy lifting, but we will likely need your involvement or insights from time to time.

Q:  How long does the State Licenses Board process take?

  • The state license board process generally takes between 30-90 days.

Q:  What is the process of Credentialing?

  • Physician, NP, CRNA Credentialing is the process or organizing and verifying a practitioner’s professional records.

Q:  How do you get your practitioner credentialed?

  • Return your hospital staff, malpractice and provider enrollment applications as quickly as possible.

Q: How long does the credential process take?

  • The credentialing process generally takes between 60-120 days. After you accept a position with A4, we waste no time getting your applications completed and submitted to the State Medical Board, the hospital’s Medical Staff Office, the Malpractice Company and insurance companies.  We then follow up regularly with all to make sure that your applications are processed and approved as soon as possible.

Q:  What is the Credentialing and Privileging process?

  • The companion piece to credentialing is “privileging,” which is the process of authorizing a licensed or certified healthcare practitioner’s specific scope of patient care services. Privileging is performed in conjunction with an evaluation of an individual’s clinical qualifications and/or performance.

Q:  What is meant by medical staff credentialing and why is it done?

  • Credentialing is the process obtaining, verifying, and assessing the qualifications of a practitioner to provide care or services in or for a healthcare organization. Credentials are documented evidence of licensure, education, training, experience, or other qualifications.

Q:  How long is CAQH credentialing?

  • Every three months, we will receive a request from CAQH to re-attest that all the information in your profile is correct.

Q:  What is the universal credential in healthcare?

  • Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH), a not-for-profit alliance of the nation’s leading health care plans and networks, has developed a single credential application and common application database. Instead of having to submit separate applications to each managed care organization, practitioners can use the University Credentialing Data sour system to submit a “universal” credentialing application either electronically or in hard-copy format.